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Freshwater pearls

Childrens, casual and glass



Here is a small selection in this colour range. Click to view a larger image.

Download the full Earth range in pdf format (18.4mb)

en5 Jasper and Hematoid Quartz chunks and Sterling Silver £84
en15 Faceted Red and Gold Tiger Eye beads, Gold Filled £ 66
eb13 Agate arrowheads and Jasper, silver-plated £36
en19 Snakeskin Jasper beads, silver-plated £ 54
ee8 Butterscotch Jasper faceted ovals and Sterling Silver £ 24
eb8 Faceted Red and Gold Tiger Eye and Gold Filled £ 48
eb15 Tiger Eye and Jasper hearts and stars, gold-plated £36
matching earrings £6

ep10 Serpentine butterfly and Sterling Silver £21
ee4 Milky Jade rectangles and Sterling Silver £27

eb9 Malachite hearts and Gold Filled £48
matching earrings £8

eb6 Seraphinite rectangles and Sterling Silver £48
en3 Jade coins and Sterling Silver £50
matching earrings £ 19
en2 Jade beads and Sterling Silver £108
matching earrings £24

en6 Ryolite rounds and ovals and Sterling Silver £84
ee2 Jade diamonds and Gold Filled £24
ee6 New Jade drops and Gold Filled £27
eb2 Jade diamonds and Sterling Silver £48

eset1 Triple Jade stars, Gold Filled – pendant and earrings £48
ee19 Serpentine butterflies and Sterling Silver £21

es2 Unakite ovat and Sterling Silver £22
ep1 Large Moukite Jasper heart and Gold Filled £30
ee12 Tiger Eye teardrops and Sterling Silver £22
eb5 Variagated Jasper rectangles and Gold Filled £48

EB4 Three-colour Tiger Eye freeform and Gold Filled £48
en7 Jasper multi-coloured nuggets and Sterling Silver £103
ee5 Variegated Jasper rectangles and Gold Filled £24